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It's not quite
the Hilton

It's not quite
the Hilton

“It’s not quite the Hilton” is an interactive fashion film created for fashion designer Jonathan Ageneau’s diploma collection "Messieurs" in which he imagined the hacker community’s wardrobe. The film refers to the “whistleblower” figure, presenting characters trapped in a blank space experiencing paranoia and boredom at the same time. Through its webcam, the user can interact with the film all along.

This prolific collaboration was a great opportunity to design two distinct projects feeding off our exchanges throughout the project.

Experience the video on (Only on Chrome).

Fashion : Jonathan Ageneau

Models : Quentin, Kim

Assistants : Éric Loizzo, Caroline Buttet, Giulio Barresi

© Tom Zambaz / ECAL - 2015